“It’s not often that we really take the time to pause and reflect on the impact that our dietary and lifestyle choices are having on our health. I can work with you to identify the root cause of your symptoms, and any possible nutritional imbalances, so that you can feel happier and healthier in day-to-day life.” 


Nutritional Therapy can help you with weight management - as when you eat and sleep well your body tends to find its natural, healthy weight. However, optimal health is about far more than just weight, and Nutritional Therapy can also help with: 

Lara offers a free 30-minute, no obligation telephone call with prospective clients. This allows individuals to ask any questions they might have about what they can expect from the appointments, and allows Lara to ensure that her services are appropriate for their goals/health concerns. 

Private Appointments

- Digestive complaints such as bloating and irritable bowel syndrome
- Stress, fatigue and insomnia 

- Emotional and psychological wellbeing 

- Skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis 

- Autoimmune conditions or poor immune function 

- Allergies and intolerances 

- Blood pressure and cholesterol 

Complimentary Discovery Call: 

Please note, all consultations are currently held online. 

“Highly knowledgeable, efficient and above all a joy to work with, Lara knew exactly how to motivate me. I would recommend working with her without hesitation.”


“Lara listened carefully to my symptoms and prescribed practical changes to my diet and lifestyle. I really value her expert attention and advice.” 


What to expect when you book an appointment: 

Prior to your appointment, Lara will send you a questionnaire about your medical history, family health, diet, lifestyle, sleep and any medication you are taking. You will be given the chance to identify the symptoms that trouble you most and asked to specify what your main goals are/fill in a food diary. 

The first appointment will delve into your health in response to your questionnaire, overall goals and food diary. 

Following your appointment, you will be provided with: 
- a nutrition and lifestyle plan designed specifically for you 
- handouts for recipes or nutritional guidelines that are tailored to your personal needs 
- an explanation as to how your dietary/lifestyle habits may be contributing to your symptoms 
- functional testing recommendations, if necessary 
- nutritional supplement recommendations, if necessary - with a discount code for supplement purchases made online 

Follow up appointments allow you to work with Lara to review your progress, address any other health concerns that may have arisen and adapt the nutrition and lifestyle plan to ensure that it best supports your needs going forwards. Any test results will be interpreted and supplement recommendations will be reviewed, and revised, if necessary. 

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To book a discovery call or to enquire about prices/packages offered, please email: